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When I was in graduate school I discovered I enjoyed writing. I have since found that it is easer to get my photographs published if I can produce text to go with them. I also spent several years doing technical writing (producing software manuals, user guides, handbooks, etc.), and while I am a full-time photographer, I find writing, whether editorial or technical, is an enjoyable break in routine. I have provided a couple of samples here. If you need writing produced for you business, give me a call.

All writing is Copyright © Jeffery F. Davis. All Rights Reserved. Additional Copyrights may apply.

An Advocate For The County The long and interesting life of the Door County Advocate, the county's twice-weekly newspaper. Originally published in The Door County Magazine

Murphy's Laws of Photojournalism I can't take credit for all of these--even if I've lived through many of them. (For instance, #6--Never share a rental car with someone crazier than yourself, or #9--If there are no other photographers around you, you are forward of the crime scene tape.) These have been assembled through many sources, and some have been adapted adapted from other professions and avocations. (See Murphy's Laws of Canoeing.)

Murphy's Laws of Canoeing Like Murphy's Laws of Photojournalism, recreational canoeing has it's own corollaries to Murphy's Law.

ROUTE RECONNAISSANCE Originally published in The Boundary Waters Journal, the story is a meant as a humorous look at the different and unusual lake names in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in northern Minnesota.

PRECLUSION OF ACCESS PRECLUDES PUBLICATION Prepared for a graduate class, the paper argues that preventing photographers from obtaining access in an unlawful manner by public officials is, in essence, unconstitutional prior restraint. The paper has a bibliography and list of cases, but I can't properly footnote the paper in HTML. If you need footnote information, please E-mail me.

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