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My approach to wedding photography is very different from most commercial photographers, and may not fit the expectations of some couples. I am a journalist by training (bachelors and Masters degrees in journalism), experience (20 years of working for newspapers, wire service and magazines such as Time and Newsweek), and inclination (I really love doing this job!). As a result, I tend to cover the wedding as a dynamic event, rather than make a static, posed record of the proceedings.

I cover a wedding much as I would cover a political convention or sporting event, finding the images that make people connect with the action, empathize with the participants, and instantly understand the emotion of the moment. A growing trend in wedding photography is the "Photojournalistic" style, which for most photographers means that a couple of rolls will be shot using black & white film. As an experienced photojournalist, I really shoot in a photojournalistic style, and my pricing structure and philosophy are also much different from traditional wedding photographers.

My job is not to sell you prints, but to provide a personal service--to capture the emotion and excitement of your wedding. As a result, pricing for weddings is the same as my pricing for magazine or corporate work--I charge for my time, actual costs for film and processing, and I offer a reasonable price list for the prints that you really want. There are no preset packages, hidden or additional charges. In fact, you do not need to order any prints, albums or frames from me, and I will be happy to work with you so that you end up with the photos you want, displayed how you want them.

This type of photography is not for every couple, but if you are looking for dynamic and unscripted coverage of your wedding, please give me a call and I'd be happy to meet with you.

Photography: $3000.00 (Includes 15 rolls of color and/or black & white film, processing & up to 540 proofs (contact sheets from balck & white film)—unused film is credited at normal rate.)
Additional film (includes processing & proofs):
Color: $32.00 per roll
True black & white: $48.00 per roll
This rate includes all costs (with the exception of additional film, processing and prints). Additional film should be budgeted for if you anticipate a large wedding, have unusual photographic requirements or desire very extensive coverage. If you desire, a small group of photos will be placed as a page on my web site at no cost.

There are no additional fees for meeting, planning, consulting or equipment. I will meet with you before the wedding as you require to understand the coverage you desire, and after the wedding in any manner you need to evaluate the photography.
All proofs are yours to keep at no additional cost.
You may purchase the negatives for $15.00/roll ($200.00 maximum).
No prints are included in the basic fee. I would be happy to quote a “package price” to use for planning and budgeting, but there is no obligation to purchase any prints, in any variety or quantity, from me. (Many photographers have set “packages” when they shoot weddings. For me, I don't think it would be intellectually honest to claim that I will cover your wedding in an individual, unique style and then require you to purchase a set number of prints.)
For individuals accustomed to black & white photographic processes, true black & white film processing and contact sheets are available instead of proofs at $25.00 per roll (additional contact sheets are $5.00 each.)

Color Prints:
Size Deluxe Custom
3.5 x5 2.50
5 x 7 4.50 14.00
8 x 10 8.00 21.00
11 x 14 21.00 49.00
16 x 20 49.00 85.00
The above prices also apply to black & white prints produced from CN400 film.

Black & White Prints:
Size Deluxe Hand Additional
5 x 7 5.00 10.00 7.50
8 x 10 10.00 15.00 12.50
11 x 14 26.00 30.00 20.00
16 x 20 54.00 54.00 35.00
Deluxe prints are non-custom prints produced by a lab, Hand prints are printed by me, and include custom cropping, burning and dodging, as needed.

Additional Services:
There is an incredible variety of additional services and products available that are designed to display, package and enhance your photos. Some of these include: leather albums, prints on canvas or other finishes, mounting and framing, hand-tinting black & white photos, photo sizes from wallets size to 40 X 60 inches, electronic scanning and electronic or conventional retouching services. If I can’t provide the service, I will put you in touch with someone who can. There is no additional charge for consulting or referrals. I want you to enjoy these photographs, not just place orders from me.